The Lionhearted Womxn:
Never gives up
Knows her worth
Sees beauty in all moments
Warrior womxn

Weekend 1: Oct 3rd & 4th!

Make more money & learn the building blocks to start your own business and create the life of your dreams!

Day 1: Human Design, Money, Manifestation, and more!
Overcome money blocks, learn how you are uniquely meant to manifest more money by design!

Day 2: Business by Design!
Learn how to start your own business and set a solid foundation to create the life of your dreams!

Ticket Pre-sale until 9/3! Open to the public on 9/4

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Weekend 2: Nov 7th & 8th!

Learn how to make your life easier while living with endo using Human Design!
Manifestation, Love, Sex, Intimacy and Endo!
This weekend is going to be intimate and fucking epic!

**Pre-sale available to waitlist only**

Day 1: Human Design + Creating the life of your dreams

Day 2: Love, sex, & dating by design

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